Monday, 18 August 2014

Settling in!

So I'm having the best time so far and I've only been here 6 days! My halls are incredible, and my floor luckily, is the life and soul of the building. My room mate is interesting.. She's very sweet but is about 4 ft 9, has an afro, wears funny clothes and is a bit anal about things in the room. HOWEVER she is a sweety at heart and I plan on getting her involved with my new friends (yes that's right JB, I have made friends). My friends are mainly boys- I have met a lot of Australian boys who are just really cool and relaxed. I didn't have to try very hard with them and we all sort of just clicked so I'm loving them, especially one called Sam, he's like my BF already!

Grace, there's this one boy called Jack from Sheffield and he's literally the funniest person ever. You would love him, he's such a northerner so I'm getting a little part of you from him! I've been out three nights in a row and I'm feeling the effects (like an absolute granny)! Being 20 is a bit awkward here, cos you have to make sure you don't get caught drinking by your halls or the police obvs. But so far I've managed to get away with it! Fingers crossed I'll make it the whole year without a warning.

The culture here is CRAZY. They love their nation and especially the Uni- NCSU. There's so much merchandise everywhere, I've started joining in!! FREE T-SHIRTS WAHOOOOO. The fashion here is rubbish, literally t-shirts and shorts are the thing here, no one wears anything else and I'm not even joking- only the internationals look different. The Australian girls are especially stylish so Grace you must be having a ball.

I went around the theatre space today, had a proper tour and it's amazing, the Americans go big!! 2 theatres- one is massive and then all these different spaces for costume and design and shiz. The staff I met seem so cool as well so that'll be really good I hope and there are some auditions coming up for a couple of plays so all is exciting here.

Writing this is making me feel very home sick but only for you guys! I love you both so much and am missing you and always thinking of you. xxxx

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