Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Kicking in...

So now it's really becoming real. I'm lying in my bed for the last time for what might be a whole year. I've said my goodbyes to everyone but my immediate family and its hard. I'm so excited I guess for the year but it's just not popping into my head right now. I feel ready though which is very important, I want to meet new people, experience new things and above all have the best time! I love England but I imagine America could become my home one day. I'm apprehensive about a lot of things, especially meeting my new room mate actually, I hope we get along and that she's chilled with stuff. I hope I find friends and that I don't get fat! Its all becoming so real and maybe I'm not over excited because I just KNOW that this is right- I've been waiting to do this for years so I'm just ready. Really ready to go out and make my mark on some more things and most importantly people.

It was really tough saying bye to Ollie, it was a strange week and I'm feeling a little scared about how its going to be between us because I saw a different side to him and myself. I know it can't be happy clappy all the time but my thoughts at the moment are 'do i really want a long term thing so soon after Guy' and Ollie gave me plenty of chances to say but I never did, so in some world, I want Ollie. I just don't know what's right so I'm going to put my faith in the Lord and pray, pray for whatever is right- whatever is right for my path.

I can't wait for the people, the scenery, the football! And the red cups of course.

So long England and so the journey begins.....

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